CSR Due Diligence.

We help you identify and assess the materiality of potential social and environmental impacts of your, or your suppliers’, operations, products, and services, as well as the impact of the ESG context on your activities. This includes conducting research, analyzing data, and identifying key stakeholders.


CSR Auditing.

We provide independent assessments of your CSR performance, including compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as industry standards and best practices. Moreover, our audits of CSR reports are compliant with the latest GRI and Global Compact standards.


CSR Benchmarking and Regulatory Watch.

We help you navigate complex and evolving regulations through a thorough and diligent study of the regulatory landscape. We also provide advice on how to take a competitive advantage through early compliance with new laws and procedures.


CSR Action Plan Design and Implementation.

We work closely with you to design and implement action plans that address your specific CSR needs and goals. This includes identifying key performance indicators, setting targets, and developing strategies for achieving them.


CSR Solutions Design and Implementation.

We work closely with industry partners to provide you with tailored solutions, including using innovative technology. We are present for the duration of the implementation process and ensure a smooth integration in existing procedures.


CSR Workshops and Training.

We offer training and workshops to help you and your teams understand the importance of CSR, develop the internal expertise and skills needed to manage CSR programs, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

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